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Project Management Consulting Services

The Project Management Consulting Services for Construction projects comprises all the major activities of Project Management like Planning, Construction supervision- Controlling & Monitoring, Contract Administration and Closure of the project. The key challenges for any organization in the context of project monitoring are

1.To obtain the timely and accurate project progress data from the site.
2.Determining the data capture points, granularity of the data and the frequency at which the data needs to be captured.
3.Deploying adequate number of skilled manpower having several years of relevant domain expertise and rich experience in handling on-site operations to obtain project data on a real-time basis

The solution to these issues depends on the complexity of the project as well as the information needs of the organisation. This challenge is resolved considerably by strengthening the supervision team with a comprehensive software tool that encaps ulates the best practices in the various business processes of construction management.

The Project Management Consulting activity would be supported by adequate number of domain experts and highly skilled manpower deployed onsite, having several years of relevant domain expertise and rich experience in monitoring on-site operations. In addition to this the Project Management Consulting activity would also be supported by a feature rich, fully integrated and centralized web-based enterprise level software solution named Backend Construction System. The application is developed in-house covering all the functionalities of Construction Project Management comprising of value added services with a comprehensive set of MIS Reports and graphs both at project level and project portfolio level.

Road Works

Backend Bangalore took up Project Management Consultancy(PMC) services work under State Highway Development Project, Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department, Govt. of Karnataka.

The work included improving about 2,000 km of State Highways in Karnataka.

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