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Vyavastha® for Monitoring Feedback & Complaints

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Feedback & Complaints is a system for feedback management that facilitates getting the complaints from the user’s group or community on the availed health services and improving the service facilities thereof for the benefit of the community in improving health.

The system allows the overall reduction in the number of feedbacks and improvement in the services provided in the hospitals. The primary objective is to monitor the feedback received about various government hospitals from the public, redirecting the feedbacks to the concerned officer, monitoring the actions taken against the feedback and notifying the people on the status of the feedback and subsequent action taken towards it.

A comprehensive set of MIS reports and graphical dashboards provide feedback summary, ageing enabling monitoring feedbacks at various levels of District, Taluk and Hospital.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Healthcare Service Delivery

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Healthcare Service Delivery is a web based system for monitoring public health services in terms of both qualitative and measurable aspects thus resulting in enhanced efficiency, transparency & accountability in services provided and increasing the utilization of public health services.

The features include Patients registration, OPD & IPD information, staff and doctor details with specialization information, inventory of medicines and resources available at the health center.

The system provides interface at various nodal points for registering grievances and suggestions and communicating for grievance redressal which establishes link between service providers and citizens.

The system delivers a comprehensive set of daily, monthly, periodic MIS reports and Dashboard graphs about exit interviews, grievances, OPD, IPD, resources, occupancy, services reports, citizen's opinion reports and inventory reports.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Aam Admi Bima Yojana (A Citizen Insurance Monitoring System)

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Aam Admi Bima Yojana, a citizen insurance monitoring system offers value added functionalities to track and monitor insurance claims and scholarships with a very plentiful of MIS reports available for analysis.

The software incorporates monitoring and maintaining Centralized family database with beneficiary details, maintaining insurance policy details, monitoring & tracking claims, tracking insurance renewals, and tracking scholarships. System also facilitates registration of Public Grievances.

The system is scalable to a large extent being a web based application and capable of integrating with other existing applications or new modules. The proposed solution is embedded in an intuitive interface with the latest design technology.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Financial Inclusion (A Pension Schemes Monitoring System)

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Financial Inclusion, a pension schemes monitoring system that scrutinizes and analyses the details on beneficiaries categorized under various schemes such as Old Age Pension scheme (OAP), Destitute Widowhood Pension scheme (DWP), Physically Handicapped Pension scheme (PHP), and Sandya Suraksha Yojna scheme (SSY).

The system features, beneficiary registration for claims with UID integration, claim approval with methodical disbursements of the benefits.

system has facility to generate comprehensive Set of MIS reports based on various schemes, claims, disbursement. The system Dashboard generates district, taluk and village wise details on policy holders and claims in terms of gender, category and age group.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring ICT@Schools (A Monitoring System for Education Projects)

Vyavastha® for Monitoring ICT@Schools is a fully integrated and centralized web-based enterprise level software solution for monitoring ICT projects in schools, allowing micro level progress details, the work flow towards setting up of the ICT infrastructure, operations and maintenance of the built facilities and the feedback for immediate course of action coupled with better documentation and report generation processes.

Backend Project Management System offers value added functionalities at each level for ICT projects in schools scheme in developing its infrastructure,resources, capacity building and overall management of the scheme.

Backend Project Monitoring System Software has the necessary intelligence to cover end to end of of complex processes..

Salient features:

  • Planning
  • Works Monitoring
  • Tracking Maintenance Support and Service
  • Financial Overviews
  • Feedback Monitoring
  • Faculty Attendance
  • Store Management
  • Educational Content Repository and Rating
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Dashboard

Various School Project Sites connect to the Backend Project System and update project progress on a regular interval. Sites where Internet connectivity is not available can update the project progress with the help of SMS through mobile phones. Sites having internet connectivity can update the project progress directly through this web based software.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard and MIS reports are compiled & consolidated by the application at the report server and can be accessed by the authorized personnel from head office as well as regional offices. The solution supports the standardization and streamlining the internal business processes leading to improved efficiency, enhanced productivity, optimized resource management and complete control over the internal processes. The enterprise solution being a web-based application allows one to access the real-time project status to monitor the live projects with the help of Business Intelligence Dashboards and MIS Reports.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Public Works & Infrastructure

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Public Works & Infrastructure is extensively used for monitoring major infrastructure projects. This system accompanies the entire life cycle of a project from the initial idea to its completion. This management system helps stakeholders to manage projects successfully, as they plan, execute, and control their goals in a targeted and cost-effective manner. The system is grouped under different modules of planning, monitoring, contract administration, quality control, subcontract, inventory & stores, maintenance, and finance. The solution integrates collection of real time data from the construction site, further analysis of this collected data and processing of this data into various MIS reports and dashboards. The integrated system supports and optimizes business processes during project execution. It helps to reduce routine activities and speeds up processes. Comprehensive project management and optimum combination of business procedures are central to this. The range of functions and the integrated working methods are determining characteristics of this software, which open the way to a new level of effectiveness in progressive project management. The system is a total solution which is adapted to the requirements in KSHIP and SHDP, units of Public Works, Ports and Inland Water Transport Department under Govt of Karnataka.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Disaster Management works

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Resettlement & Rehabilitation of PAPs & PDFs is used to track rehabilitation and resettlement process of the families displaced by Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Vyavastha® Rehabilitation and Resettlement System is a web-based platform that enables all internal project participants to capture the details of Project Affected Persons (PAPs) and Project Displaced Families (PDFs), compensation details like cash compensation, material allotment, and land allotment to PAPs and PDFs, re-skilling and employment. It also enables any project participants with rights to view the analytic reports and dashboard. Further this system helps in maintaining, training and job applications and placements of PAPs and PDFs. System also helps to keep track of applicable compensation payable or paid to PAPs and PDFs.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Integrated Textile Parks

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Textile Parks is a solution that provides high degree of expertise in the development, implementation, financing and management of textile parks initiatives across a wide range of sectors involving diverse and multiple stakeholders. This Project Management software aims to deliver the roll out of textile parks from the stage of concept to commissioning. The system helps in controlling project progress across multiple textile parks locations and links the project team online. This is a web‐based platform that enables all project participants to plan, monitor, ensure quality and manage contract administrative works like variation orders, claims, constraints compliances and billing. It also enables project participants to view the project progress at any time during execution of the project through dashboard in terms of time, money, quality, constraint, compliance, project visuals and generate the respective reports. Further system also helps in enhancing and meeting the required security, scalability and performance standards. By using this system it is possible to monitor the projects in real time, spread across various locations and is able to utilize the resources with optimum requirements. The software generates reports including daily progress report, weekly progress report, monthly progress report, financial progress reports, quality control reports, compliance reports, encumbrance or constraint reports and other project related reports. This system facilitates in procuring sub-contracting works and tracking purchase orders and stores and monitoring the entire project from pre-construction to closure.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Disaster Management works

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Disaster Management works is a system to monitor the damages occurred due to heavy rainfall and keeps track of resettlement and rehabilitation works in flood affected areas. The solution encompasses all aspects of Disaster Management System including, activity planning for each mile stone in every flood affected village, capturing the quantity of works done at each village along with progress visuals.

Broadly this solution features flood relief monitoring works, loss tracking of human life, clothing, essentials; damage estimation of infrastructure, cattle, crop, people rescued; village shifting for rehabilitation; relief tracking towards accommodation, relief camps; reconstruction of new houses.

The system helps in tracking month wise fund details from different resources and utilization of those funds against release. Further system notifies the encumbrance in project along with release history of it. System also provides numerous valuable reports based on district wise, taluk wise, village wise and activity wise categories.

Advisory and Handholding Services

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Computerization of Combined Check-post for Govt of Karnataka
Technical Advisory Committee for Introduction of SmartCard in BMTC

Information Security

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Roadmap
ISO 27001, BS 7799 Compliance for Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Software Audit

Audit of AWATAR software for Online Ticket Reservation for KSRTC

System Study

Information System Study and Roadmap for Computerization for PWD
Information System Study for Computerization for KUIDFC

Tender Evaluation

Tender Evaluation as a Service in KSRTC, BBMP, KSPHCL, KPCL, KEONICS

Preparation of DPR & RFP

Online Ticket Reservation for KSRTC
ICT Phase III in Karnataka

ISO 27001 is a structured set of guidelines and specifications for assisting organizations in developing their own information security management framework. The standard relates to all information assets in an organization. Backend is also certified to this Standard and is one of the leading consultants for ISO 27001 certification.

Backend provides a complete suite of consulting, training and implementation services leading to certification towards ISO 27001 standards for organizations. Backend guarantees success for customer certification to ISO standards within agreed timeframe and budgets, by using proven step by step methodology. Backend assist organizations with the implementation of a range of international business standards and best practice frameworks.

Backend systematically examines the organization's information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts thereby helping to design and implement a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and other forms of risk treatment to address those risks that are deemed unacceptable.

ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

This system aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Backend provides a complete suite of consulting, training and implementation services leading to certification towards ISO 9001 standards for organizations. Backend guarantees success for customer certification to ISO standards within agreed timeframe and budgets, by using proven step by step methodology. Backend assist organizations with the implementation of a range of international business standards and best practice frameworks.

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Child Labour Eradication & Rehabilitation of Rescued Child Labour

Vyavastha® for Monitoring Child Labour Eradication & Rehabilitation of Rescued Child Labour is a system that offers value added functionalities for state wise data collection and centralized management for tracking and monitoring child labour rehabilitation, enforcement and eradication activities for children identified under various child labour eradication schemes.

The system consolidates monitoring and maintaining child labour database, family details, tracking their performances, monitoring and tracking enforcement activities, maintaining audit trail of cases, monitoring claims and settlements, managing funds information and monitoring and tracking child labour eradication efforts in terms of awareness and training activities.

The web based child labour tracking system helps in integrating all the district societies across the state and supports the department in decision making, better tracking, retrieval and control of information through compressive set of MIS reports and dashboard.

The system outputs helps to verify the impact of government's child labour interventions throughout the state by measuring the sustainability and quality of implementation by providing evidence based analysis for verifying the impact of the Government’s child labour interventions throughout the state

Vyavastha® for e-Procurement

Vyavastha® for e-Procurement is a complete solution covering all forms of procurement including auctions, reverse auctions, purchase based as well as tender based procurement. It supports procurement for Works and Purchase of goods.

The system includes indents, estimate preparation and tender evaluation - Technical & Commercial, integrated Workflow Management for approval process automation, Inspection, Expediting, Despatch Clearance along with in-built Business Process Templates, powerful Alerting and Messaging System, extensive Management Information and powerful Executive Dashboard for Decision Making.

Vyavastha® for e-Procurement is offered as a service supported by a feature rich, fully integrated and centralized web-based enterprise level software solution under brand named Vyavastha® Procurement System. The application is hosted and offered as a service covering all the functionalities of Procurement Management comprising of value added services with a comprehensive set of MIS Reports and graphs both at project level and project portfolio level.

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