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Business Focus

We address following segments :


  • Civil Projects
    Roads, Highways, Bridges
    Large Commercial & Residential

  • Industrial Projects
    Water & Environment
    Chemicals & Processing, Diversified


  • Public Works

  • Health Care

  • Social Security

  • Education

  • Disaster Management

  • Child Labour Eradication

  • Rehabilitation & Resettlement

  • e-Procurement


  • Project Management Consulting
    services for Road Works

  • System Study
    Information System Study for

  • Software Audit

  • Information Security
    ISO 27001

  • Tender Evaluation
Our Story

Academic leanings for a learning organization

Backend Bangalore Pvt Ltd is the first incubated company of the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (iiit-b). Since its inception in year 2000 the Company has been developing and releasing specialized software products for specific business verticals.

iiit-b is a world class IT University started by the Government of Karnataka with active participation by industry, based in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. The Governing Council of iiit-b is chaired by Mr. N R Narayana Murthy Chief Mentor of Infosys, has Prof. S Sadagopan as institute Director and Mr. Gautam Hegde, founder of Backend Bangalore, as Governing Council Member.

We build robust products and applications that can develop with the changing requirements of the client and minimize the need for redevelopment. Based on our collective industry experience we have developed a pioneering software product platform encompassing all aspects of Engineering process, end-to-end of Procurement process, Construction site execution, Monitoring & Evaluation.

Our software development processes are heading towards Level 4 of Capability Maturity Model (CMM) of the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Melon University. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified for our informatin security management system.

A dependable and trustworthy organization.

We are an organization which is highly responsive to customer needs. We believe that technology is there to serve the end user. Our objective is to enchance customer value and enable customer convenience.

Prime Movers of Backend

The team is led by Gautam Hegde, an engineer entrepreneur with a rich academic and industry background. A postgraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Gautam Hegde is also a gold medalist alumni from the first batch of postgraduates from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Currently he is a member of the governing council of the Institute.

Gautam Hegde, is the driving force behind Backend's software development programme along with a talented team of software engineers and IT professionals.


Researcher, Author, Professor of Mass Communication, career officer of Indian Information Service and former Editor of Daily Morning News. Four decades of experience in the Mass Media. Areas of work: Historiography, Journalism, Broadcasting, Media Management, Press Relations, Advertising & Visual Publicity, Rural Communication, Public Relations and Film Censorship. Author of nine books, he has travelled widely in India, Europe and the USA. Study of ancient cultures is his special area of interest.

Publications (Books)

Karl Marx: Life and Times (Kannada)
A Glimpse of Kannada Culture (English)
Anthology of Modern Tulu Poetry (Arlu Kabitelu Porlu Kabitelu) (ed) (Tulu)
Revered Teacher (Shikshanarangada Belaku) (ed) (Kannada)
European Travelogue (Europe Yatre) (Kannada)
A New Look at Classical Greece (English)
Bhagavad Gita: The Dialogue (English)
Voices at Dusk (English)
History of Bunts: Medieval Age to Modern Times (English)


Veena is a Civil Engineer from KREC, Suratkal (presently NITK). With vast experience in structural design and construction management of infrastructure projects and having worked in some of the best construction companies in the world Veena founded Backend along with Gautam with an objective of addressing information systems for the construction industry leveraging information technology.

Veena does extensive voluntary work in Community Services driving initiatives in green methods of waste disposal, senior citizens involvement in community and supporting an orphanage. She has worked with challenged children for several years in Sophia Opportunity School on voluntary basis.


Bala has 20+ years of global experience in Energy, Infrastructure, Insurance and Healthcare industries. He was involved in establishing and successfully developing a Swiss domiciled Insurance company focusing on risk management of large energy, infrastructure, industrial projects and facilities world-wide.

Prior to his last venture, Bala worked to develop the large power projects business for a leading multinational company in Asia & Middle East. Bala is experienced in leading multifunctional and multicultural teams and in several functional areas such as Marketing & Sales, Contracting, IT, Finance and Risk Management. Bala is a mechanical engineer from KREC, Suratkal (presently NITK) with a post graduate management qualification from the Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) and is currently based in Bangalore.

Bala mentors our business team in business strategy, management ethics & broad based wealth creation.


The team is led by Gautam Hegde, an engineer entrepreneur with a rich academic and industry background. A postgraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Gautam Hegde is also a gold medalist alumni from the first batch of postgraduates from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Currently he is a member of the governing council of the Institute.

Gautam Hegde, is the driving force behind Backend's software development programme along with a talented team of software engineers and IT professionals.


Professor Sadagopan is the Founder Director of the International Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore, a new generation Institute, promoted jointly by the Government of Karnataka and IT industry in 1999. Professor Sadagopan had taught for more than two decades at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, (IITK), considered to be the No. 1 Engineering School for decades and the IIM Bangalore, (IIMB), that has in the recent years emerged as the No. 1 Business School in India. Professor Sadagopan got his Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Madras University (that produced the Nobel Laureates Raman & Chandrashekhar) in 1973. After a brief stint at the Consultancy firm M/S Engineers India Ltd., at New Delhi during 1973-1976, he moved to Purdue University, USA for his Master's and Doctoral degree before returning to India to teach at IIT, Kanpur.


Koushik H holds a Master of Computer Applications degree from Bangalore University with more than a decade of software development experience spanning a variety of roles in software development ranging and covering software development, System Analysis, Design and Service Oriented Architecture for building complex Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications that are robust, scalable and secure. Koushik H is a great innovative thinker and problem solver. He is instrumental in helping customers to implement solutions that get the best results from their web applications.


Srinivas holds a Master of Computer Applications degree from Mangalore University. Srinivas K started his career in Backend as a trainee programmer and went on to become an accomplished developer in Web 2.0 Rich Internet Application. A state level basketball player, he is also a key team player in development of several complex web application applications.


Srinidhi holds MBA (Finance) degree from Indian Business School. He also holds BE (Computer Science) from VTU.
Srinidhi has worked with various companies in various roles like business development, consultant, manager. His people handling skills helps to maintain good relation with the clients.


Gopal Korgoanker comes with a wide experience in Construction Industry. Gopal’s expertise is in construction management. He is a keen planner and implementation specialist for improving operational efficiency in construction projects. He holds a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from Karnataka University.


Suma T brings to Backend a wealth of experience. In software development she has worked on a wide spectrum of projects in developing web applications, Database Management. Suma T is disciplined, self-motivated and a great team player with a penchant for learning new technologies. Suma T holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics from Mysore University.


Ajai Srivastav is a business strategist with a career spanning over 26 years. He has extensive work experience in the area of Marketing & Sales, Channel Management customer service delivery, making technology work for customers and Information technology management. His passion for the Management Systems Business has provided him the acumen and expertise with which he drives the team to deliver consistently beyond customer expectations.

His skills and know-how encompass IT assurance, IT Service management, Risk Management, Compliance, Business Continuity, and Cybercrime. He is well-versed with international standards such as ISO 27001, BS 25999, and ISO 20000.


Prakash is a graduate in Civil Engineering from Mysore University & has more than 38 years of experience in industrial, township, infrastructure, roads and highways sectors.

His expertise lies in Project Management. He has worked in several major projects in Karnataka, Maharashtra, UP and Bihar.


Civil Engineer having more than two decades experience in delivering prestigious Projects covering Hard Core construction with Gammon India-(Power & Cement plant Projects) , Larsen Toubro- (Airport ) & Gulf Housing–Qatar-( Housing Campus ), Global Management exposures with Bovis Lend lease –(Green Field Coke bottling plants), W Brown & Root Intl (Green Field Ford Automotive Plant) and Road Development cum Project Management exposures with TNRDC etc.


Raghavendra holds a Master of Computer Applications degree from VTU.
Raghavendra started his career in Backend as a trainee developer, his good programming skills and ability to learn new technologies has made him an accomplished developer in developing Android and Web Applications.


Balaji is a B.Tech(Electronics & Communications) degree holder from JNTU, Anantapur.
He started his career in Backend and has good understanding in Project Management. He also plays a vital role in testing the applications and also communicates & co-ordinates in various team activities.


Anil holds a Bachelor of Engineer degree in Information Science from VTU.
He has good understanding in programming fundamentals and also tested various applications. He has given hands-on training programs for the various software applications


Ravi is a Civil Engineer, with 20+ years of experience in Construction and Project Management.
He is a keen planner and implementation specialist for improving operational efficiency in construction projects.


Lokesh is a Civil Engineer and has good knowledge in Construction and Project Management.
He plays a major role in executing project plan and monitoring day-to-day progress for ensuring quality standards and productivity achieved


Pawan holds a M.Tech Degree from Malnad Engineering College and BE(Civil Engg) Degree from SIT college.
He handles day to day work, in coordination with the seniors and other team members. He also has a good knowledge in STAAD-PRO,ETABS & AUTO CAD softwares.


Thilak is a Civil Engineer with 13+ years of experience in infrastructure, roads and highways sectors.
His expertise lies in Project Management. He has worked in several major projects in Karnataka.


Subramanya, a Civil Engineering professional with 16+ years of experience in the field of Bridge, Highway Engineering including Building construction.
His experience as a Quality & Material Assurance Engineer helps in maintaining the Quality Standards during the construction.


Sundresh has more than 10 years of experience in Construction and Project Management.
He has vast techincal knowledge of contruction material designs required as per MORT&H and IRC standards.


Taskeen is a Civil Engineer with nearly 6 years of experience in Highways and Road Sectors.
He is well versed in the Construction Quality aspects and has a good experience in Project Management. He also plays a key role in co-ordinating with other team members and in preparing the reports.


Anuj Shetty has a BE degree in Computer Science from NMAMIT, Nitte.
He plays an important role in testing of application and has a good knowledge in project management.

  • Degremont
  • IL&FS
  • keonics
  • L&T Valdel
  • kmc
  • Idiom
  • IRB
  • Scott Wilson
  • smec
  • HoneyWell
  • Valdel

Degremont Suez Ltd

Degremont, a French major and world leader in Water Technologies is active in providing end to end solution across all fields of Water and Wastewater treatment.

Customer Need
Degremont required a system comprising Engineering System, Procurement System, and Construction Monitoring for managing its waste water treatment for monitoring globally distributed projects. Software development for Degremont’s waste water treatment involved collaborating with various levels of users at multiple locations.

Backend Solution
Backend developed a web based enterprise level software solution comprising functionality elements of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Monitoring System.

EPC system helped in project setup, document tracking, specification tracking, requisition tracking, to do list, correspondence tracking, document control and material control with other utilities. Degremont has been using it effectively since 2007.

GAVS Technologies




Pearson Education Services


L&T Valdel Engineering Limited


Valdel Engineers & Constructors


Scott Wilson


KMC Constructions Ltd


Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab


IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.


SMEC International Pvt Ltd


Idiom Design & Consulting Ltd


French Connection


Haymarket Publications


  • keonics
  • ksrtc
  • kmc
  • kmdc
  • KPCL
  • kptcl
  • BMTC
  • MSEZ


Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KEONICS),has objective of promoting electronics industries in Karnataka together with high quality infrastructure for IT industries, spreading IT education and providing consultancy and certifications.

Customer Need
KEONICS required a web-based enterprise level software solution covering all functional aspects of Procurement for creating a structured vendor database resulting in ease, efficiency and simplification of procedures, demand aggregation and transparency with reduction in cost of procurement with reduced time.

Backend Solution
Backend Developed Vyavastha e-Procurement System, a fully integrated and centralized web-based enterprise level software solution for procurement comprising of vendor registration with pre-qualification, procurement for goods and services, procurement for works and auctions with in-built business process templates with powerful alerting and messaging system.

KEONICS is highly benefited through the use of Backend solution covering purchase and tender based procurements together with all forms of procurement including auctions, reverse auctions through a highly secure software interface.



Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation


Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited


Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Ltd


Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palige


Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd


Karnataka State Police Housing Corporation Ltd


Mangalore Special Economic Zone


Karnataka Minority Development Corporation


Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation


North East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation


  • education Dpt.
  • SHDP
  • commercial
  • kship
  • Labour Dpt.
  • social_security.png
  • Health Dpt.
  • dma.
  • dstr mgt
  • education Dpt.

Department of State Education & Training

The Department of State Educational Research and Training, (DSERT) aims at providing academic leadership in school education as well as improving the quality of education provided.

Customer Need
DSERT required a single system of mechanism for overseeing the implementation, monitoring the progress, and targets. It is required to map the progress at every level of local, district and state interface as an ongoing activity built into ICT@Schools scheme.

Backend Solution
Backend developed Vyavastha for Monitoring ICT@Schools, a fully integrated centralized web-based enterprise level software solution for monitoring Information Communication & Technologies (ICT) projects in schools providing end to end support comprising planning, monitoring, operations, maintenance, Educational Contents Repository & Ratings, and feedback.

The system offers value added functionalities at each level in developing its infrastructure, resources, capacity building and overall management of the scheme. The solution offers a set of MIS and Dashboard that assist in timely decision making.

Commercial Taxes Department


State Highway Development Project,KPWD,Karnataka


Department of Education Arunachalpradesh


Disaster Management Cell Revenue Department Karnataka


Department of Information Technology Arunachalpradesh


Directorate of Muncipal Administration Karnataka


Department of Education Karnatakah


Board for IT Education Standards


Directorate of Social Security and Pensions




State Council for IT & e-Governance


Department of Labour Karnataka


Directorate of Health & Family Welfare Services


Himachal Pradesh Road & Other Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd


Department of State Education Research & Training


  • iiitb
  • vtu
  • nitte

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) is a unitary university for the regulation and promotion of higher education in health sciences.

Customer Need
RGUHS desired certification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for a systematic approach to minimize the risk of unauthorized access or loss of information and ensure the effective deployment of protective measures for securing the information.

Backend Solution
Backend provided advisory and consulting services towards process adoption and implementation of ISMS based on ISO/IEC 27001:2005 by working with RGUHS and built an ISMS based on the requirements laid down in ISO/IEC 27001:2005 comprising of set of policies concerned with information security management.

As a result of ISMS implementation, RGUHS, is able to develop a comprehensive & verifiable information security management strategy addressing organizational infrastructure & related data protection activities with compliance to existing and future information regulations.

Visveshwaraiah Technological University


Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences


International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore


Nitte University


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